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    Three Types of Exfoliation Explained

    Exfoliation! You probably have heard of this term, though do you know the benefits of exfoliation and how often to do it? Also, do you know there are three types of exfoliation? Enzymatic, Chemical and Physical or Manual as some people call it. Let us dive in to learn the difference! Physical or Manual Exfoliator How to tell if your product is a physical exfoliators? Look at the texture! Look for a grainy texture. I love that I can fell and control where the grains are loosening dirt clogged in my pores. Goodbye blackheads! It’s a double win if a product is a physical and enzymatic or chemical exfoliator because…

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    Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2020 – Categorized by Price

    Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week and December holidays start in just a few weeks?! As challenging as 2020 has been, it has been a great opportunity to slow down and prioritize how we spend my time. Now for how I would recommend spending your money! After polling my Instagram followers, people seem most interested in a sustainable holiday gift guide by price that is categorized. Let’s get the party started! Gifts Under $30 – Skincare Indie Lee Discovery Kit – Indie Lee is one of my favorite brands and this Discovery Kit is a fantastic opportunity to try 3 products for less than the price of one full…

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    Annual 20% off sale at Credo!

    Credo’s Annual 20% off sale is happening now through Sunday October 24th 2021!!!! Most of my favorite skincare products are carried by Credo. As usual Josh Rosebrook and Kypris are excluded! Below is a list of my favorites that I cannot live without. Let’s dive in! Facial Oils Indie Lee Daily Vitamin Infusion – I tried this in Indie Lee’s master class last year and was blown away after one use. I bought the full size. This is a facial oil that can be used as a serum because it’s loaded with vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, rosehip, squalane and avocado oil. It also smells incredible.…

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    Skincare Application Tips with a Demonstration Video

    I did an Instagram poll and the vast majority of people were looking for demonstration videos and educational posts. I hope you find the skincare application demonstration helpful to better understand your skin’s needs. One of the most common questions I receive is, “In what order should my skincare products be applied?” So I recorded a video of how I apply some of my favorite products with my tips that I have learned over the years. Hopefully you find it useful. If you have more questions please comment below. I would be happy to help you! Skincare Routine Steps 1. Cleanse To cleanse or not to cleanse in the morning…

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    The 9 Most Common Skincare Symbols

    How often do you see a symbol on the back of a cosmetic product and think, what the heck does this mean?! It is awesome that so many brands are seeking third party verification for safety or at least confirming their claims. The downside is each organization has their own verification symbol and companies often do not say what these symbols mean. Let us breakdown nine of the most commonly seen symbols on cosmetics. 1. B Corporation A “B Corp” is certified by the nonprofit B Lab. When you see the Certified B Corporation symbol as shown above, you know the company behind the product meets the highest standards of social and…

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    Rare Follain 20% off Sale!

    Follain rarely has a sale, let alone a 15% off sale and free shipping. I highly recommend the following products: Moisturizer - Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream - With Fall around the corner, I will be switching from my lighter facial oils to a thicker moisturizer like this. I have combination skin and this Ursa Major product works great for me.

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    Have you tried Three Peaks Manuka honey yet?

    When Three Peaks reached out to me to review their Manuka honey I was ecstatic. They sustainably source their honey in the heart of New Zealand. Specifically, the Tongariro Nation Park, a rare UNESCO World Heritage Site! (One of my closest friends from college lives in New Zealand. Her pictures of this region look surreal! In 2017, Three Peaks purchased 2,500+ hives from Ross Apiaries with the goal to bring New Zealand’s best Manuka honey to their global customers. I also love that all of their bee keepers are listed by name on their website. A small though really nice touch for small businesses. I also appreciate that sustainability and…

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    Hormonal IUD caused acne and ovarian cysts

    Hi beauties! Very personal post today. As you may have seen on my Instagram, I visited the Emergency Room (ER) in the beginning of August. I questioned if this was something you would want to read about, so I polled my Instagram family. 49 people indicated “what happened?”. Remarkably, zero people answered “nope don’t care”. Thank you for your support. I hope sharing my experience helps other womxn determine if a hormonal IUD is right for them. The short answer is I’m OK and mostly pain free now! Unfortunately, the doctors do not know why I was in excruciating pain. Their best guess was an ovarian cyst ruptured near my…

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    Maskne: The Price of Safety

    Maskne! Ugh, raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by, maskne? Acne around and under my face mask has hit me HARD. Even for someone that is disciplined about her routine – sometimes you cannot control a breakout. There are so many potential factors that cause acne: hormones, stress, diet, and or lack of exercise. Also being inconsistent about your skincare routine or if your mask is overdue for a cleaning… For me, I had cystic acne two years ago and it has returned amid COVID. I have not worn makeup in a few years, let alone own any clean ingredient makeup. It’s been really hard for me to…

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    Morning Skincare Routine

    Hi beauties! Friends and followers often ask me what brands and products I would recommend. Sharing my morning skincare routine made the most sense for my FIRST BLOG POST! I don’t HAVE to change my serum and my facial oil or moisturizer, though I love essential oils help me sleep. My Skin Type I have sensitive and “combination skin” meaning my face is oily in some places and dry in others. Before converting to clean beauty I struggled to find conventional cleansers that worked. They often stripped my skin of all moisture and oil.   It may surprise you that some oil is necessary to avoid your sebum (oil) levels…