Hello! I’m so glad you are here. I’m Moira of Moira Holistic – a 27-year old lover of sustainable clean beauty sharing why and how I strive to lead a more holistic life.

Living in Cambridge, MA near Harvard, working a full-time job in real estate development within the renewable natural gas sphere I know how easy it is to make excuses for why you don’t have time for selfcare.  I created this blog to share why you’re worth it. You’re worth spending your valued time and money on yourself.  With this investment you’re proving why it’s worth taking care of your body and specifically your largest organ: your skin! 

When I learned in 2018 that the FDA is regulating less than 30 ingredients in the US compared to over 1,100 in Europe I was horrified.  Like the film, The Inconvenient Truth, it was hugely inconvenient to discover the cosmetic industry is largely unregulated after years of caking my face with stage makeup dancing competitively and crying at nearly every Cape Cod beach as a kid. Sunscreen even on my cheeks made my eyes burn in a blindingly painful way. Ingredients (really) matter and so do you.

Through my own research and purchasing two plus medicine cabinets full of products I’ve learned what to look for, where greenwashing occurs and what brands are the most ethical, transparent and innovative.  I aim to make it easy for other people to switch to safe beauty products that are sustainably made and packaged environmentally responsibly – ideally in glass, compostable or in stainless steel containers and if shipping in plastic-free boxes including the tape. 

Plastic is the global norm in cosmetics because it’s so cheap though I have found many brands through my research that see the value in packaging in less toxic packaging.  There also is a weight factor to your sustainable skincare ritual, too.  The glass packaging feels fancy and expensive (and sometimes it is) compared to a plastic tube.

The glass package subconsciously says to the user that “I’m worth it” and gives the user a treat to look forward to using.  Join me in taking the time for your selfcare, you’re worth it. Frankly, I’m here to convince you why the world needs you to care for yourself to help heal and transform the world we live in.

For questions, collaborations, or to request a media kit, please contact me at [email protected]. See below for press mentions and/or appearances.