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Rare Follain 15% off Sale!

Hi Beauties! Follain rarely has a sale, let alone a 15% off sale and free shipping! Note, not all brands are included, Josh Rosebrook, La Bella Figura, OSEA, Saie, and Vintner’s Daughter. See below for my recommendations!


Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil – I highly recommend a facial oil for anyone, especially for people with oily or a combination of dry and oily skin. This 100% squalane oil will help balance the sebum (oil) levels to not overproduce oil which can cause acne and or for you to look greasy! The packaging is also sooo cute!

Indie Lee Daily Vitamin Infusion – If you’re looking for antioxidant loaded facial oil this is not to be missed. I also LOVE the natural scent! Rosehip and avocado oils moisturize skin while providing the benefits of vitamins A, E, and C. Plant-derived Ceramides and Squalane are uber hydrating too. Definitely one of my favorite facial oils ever!


Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30 – So creamy and works as a moisturizer if you do not have dry skin. Reformulated recently to avoid pilling.

Babo Botanicals Daily Sheer Tinted Facial Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 – I do not wear makeup and love that this sunscreen gives great coverage for my fair to medium skin tone. I especially love wearing this during the winter because if its raining or snowing my skin feels protected. I think the sea buckthorn makes a moisture barrier protecting my skin from whatever weather New England throws at me. Babo makes an un-tinted SPF too that I’ve heard from many non-beauty friends is fantastic under makeup and alone., also 40 SPF.


Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream – With Fall around the corner, I will be switching from my lighter facial oils to a thicker moisturizer like this. I have combination (an oil prone T-zone and drier cheeks) and this Ursa Major product works great for me! I would not recommend this for someone with oily skin. I went through two jars of this last year using it morning and light. I love the lemongrass scent!

Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm – This moisturizer is one of the thickest and easily spreadable moisturizers I’ve ever tried! It also packs a hydration punch! It’s a balm (a solid oil) though it feels and spreads easily like a moisturizer! I received a sample of this and am absolutely going to purchase this. It smells delightful and feels super luxurious. Tammy the founder has wonderful energy and is an esthetician at her spa in West Palm. Follain is one of the few retailers that carries her brand for some reason – it’s perfect for normal to dry skin, just not oil-prone.


Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser – Great for all skin types, especially oily or combination. It smells like strawberries due to the strawberry seed oil. It doubles as a gentle chemical exfoliating flash mask! I use this twice a day, cannot recommend it enough. More detailed review.

Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser – If you love a squeaky clean feeling this cleanser is for you. It’s green and smells like nature in a great earthy way. Once you splash water on your face it emulsifies and foams. Ugh, I love this feeling after a long day. Fantastic for acne prone skin!

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser – Exfoliating is super important and this gentle exfoliant is great. I love to use this morning or night and my bottle is still 1/4 full after 10 months. My boyfriend and I both use it couple times a week.


Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream – The price tag may scare you, though it lasted me 10 months using 2x a day. In my first three days using this the major wrinkles around my eyes noticeably softened. A friend noticed improvements after one day. Just trust me. Eye creams are your #1 anti-aging tool. Detailed review.

Tata Harper products I own. Her cleansers and eye cream are superb!


Osmia Balance Facial Serum – This organic herbal serum helps balance my sebum (oil) levels or if I have a breakout. AMAZING FOR OIL-PRONE SKIN! I use half a pump of this every night and it covers my face and neck well. I usually take a moment to bask in the essential oil scent to help me relax and unwind after a long day. If you’re scent sensitive I would not recommend. All clients that use this love it! Great for all skin types except dry skin. I think this product is one of the best products that Follain carries – every clean beauty retailer should sell this!

Ursa Major Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum – If you have acne scars or sun spots vitamin C is amazing for helping dark spots fade. I have been testing this for a few weeks and enjoy it! The reviews also also amazing. Packaged in the glass bottle with a plastic pump.


Indie Lee COQ-10 Toner – Indie recommends using this on a reusable cotton-round after cleansing to remove any excess residue. It’s also great for toning and evening your skin. PLUS it can be used as essence to spritz your face, even safe over the eye area!


Ursa Major Base Layer – A great baking soda free, and unscented deodorant so it’s gender neutral. If you’re not sensitive to baking soda (sometimes it makes people’s under arms red if you have sensitive skin) then the Hoppin’ Fresh is another great option, Caleb loves this! It is packaged in plastic, however Ursa Major is a Plastic Negative company meaning they offset all the plastic they produce, use renewable energy whenever possible and also are a B-Corp!


Follain Ultra Hydration Mask: Restore + Soften – This clear mask deeply hydrates your pores so you have a glassy, flawless complexion. I own a lot of masks (two of my favorites are not included in the sale) and I’ll be repurchasing this forever! I’ve been using this for over 9 months and have barely made a dent in the tube. Packaged in #5 plastic not glass to keep costs down to make this more accessible and affordable. One of my favorite products of 2020!


Follain Refillable Everything Soap – Lemongrass – If you have ever been to my home or my friend’s homes you’ve seen the beautiful amber glass bottles everywhere. It’s my FAVORITE gift any time of the year and they come in many different scents. If you’re close to a store in Boston, DC or Seattle you can bring back your glass bottles to refill. I LOVE to do this and earn Clean Points (free money) each time.

Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap – I love the feeling of this soap on my skin. It smells like grapefruit and peppermint. It has Volcanic rock which very gently exfoliates your skin. I received this as a free gift with a deodorant purchase from Ursa Major and was SO impressed! It’s my new favorite bar soap.

Black Owned Organic Bath Co. collaborated with Follain to create their divine Rose Body Butter.


I love Organic Bath Co.’s Rose Body Butter! I recommend their Organic Bath Co. Zesty Morning Organic Body Butter – As shown on my Instagram, I love to bring the travel version of this on work trips. I *used* to keep this on my desk at all times to moisturize my hands and enjoy the scent of rose when craving nature though stuck in the office.


Indie Lee Blemish Lotion – My #1 to greatly reduce any red bumps overnight. In my experience this can remove blackheads from my nose, too.


French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish – I love using this sugar scrub to remove dead skin and make my lips feel baby smooth. If you wear lipstick or glass this will help make the application look even better!


Indie Lee I-Recover Mind + Body Gel – Goes on cool and is so relaxing due to the arnica. Smells like Vicks VapoRub and feels cooling like IcyHot, I love this! Also, this is making a huge difference for my boyfriend’s chronic back pain.


Innersense Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer – the only product I use in my hair! Awesome for thin to thick, straight to curly hair – I know this because my boyfriend and I have totally opposite hair types and we both use it daily! It’s a HUGE amount and you only need a dime-size so it will last at least a year!


Baudelaire Wash Cloth – Great for your face or body. It is sown to naturally exfoliate your body. Feels so great and has a convenient hook to dry in the shower.

By using the links above you support my small business as a Follain Affiliate.

If you are reading this after their sale ends, using this link and entering the code “welcome10” saves you 10% off of your first order at checkout.

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